Scheduling a Sacrament at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church


  • Please download and review the following: Letter for Baptism, Description of Baptism, Certificate Form for Adult or Certificate Form for Child.

  • Fill out the appropriate Certificate Form neatly and clearly, being careful to spell everything accurately and submit it to the Church office. This form will be used to prepare the baptismal certificate.

  • After the Office receives the above form, the Priest will contact you to schedule the service.

  • Godparents must be an Orthodox Christian in good standing with the Orthodox Church. If they are coming from another parish, they must submit a letter of good standing from their parish priest prior to the baptism.


  • Please review the Pastoral Guidelines of the Archdiocese concerning weddings before contacting the Church office.

  • Contact the Church office, which will send you an affidavit to fill out and return, along with photocopies of your baptismal certificates. If either of the couple has been married before, additional paper work will be needed. Please contact the Church office for more details.

  • The sponsor for the wedding must be an Orthodox Christian in good standing with the Orthodox Church. If coming from another parish, they must submit a letter of good standing from their parish priest prior to the wedding.

  • Marriage preparation is required before getting married in the Church. These can be conducted with the Parish Priest or a licensed marriage therapist. If you choose to use a licensed therapist, please contact the Church for a referral to receive a reduced rate.

  • A civil license must be acquired from the County office. In Tennessee, the license can be acquired 30 days before the scheduled wedding date.


  • Funerals are scheduled with the family and the parish priest, or between the family, parish priest and the funeral home.

  • The usual order for services is as follows: the evening before the funeral is to be held, a Trisagion is offered at the funeral home along with visitation. The funeral service is held the next day at the Church in the Sanctuary. Following the funeral service, the body is escorted to the cemetery for the interment. A makaria or memorial meal, may be scheduled in the parish hall following the interment upon availability. Arrangements can be made with the Church office for the parish hall prior to the services.

  • Please note – according to Orthodox Tradition, the funeral service must be said in the Church Sanctuary. The funeral will be open casket and the priest will deliver the homily. Eulogies by family or friends are not allowed in the Sanctuary.

  • Cremation is not permitted in the Orthodox Church. If a cremation is scheduled, the parish priest will not be able to conduct a funeral, nor any memorial services after the fact. See the Sanctity of Life article for more details on Cremation or other related matters.


  • Memorials are scheduled on the 40th day and on the anniversary after the repose of our loved ones. Arrangements must be made with the Church office before a memorial can be scheduled. (Please review Pastoral Guidelines for when a memorial service can be held).

  • Memorials with Kollyva (boiled wheat) may be offered only for Orthodox Christians. A Trisagion may be offered for non-Orthodox upon approval and arrangement with the parish priest. If you would like someone to provide the kollyva for your memorial, you may contact the Church office for more information. For information on how to make your own kollyva, please follow the link here.

Saturday of Souls

  • There are 4 Saturday of Souls scheduled a year – three at the beginning of Lent and one the Saturday before Pentecost.

  • Memorials at the Saturday of Souls are to be offered with kollyva and are only for Orthodox Christians.

  • At the Saturday of Souls, as distinct from the Memorial Service for an Individual, all Orthodox Christians who have reposed known to the family may be listed to be remembered, regardless of the date of their repose.