Orthodox Life

We gather on Wednesday evenings to dialogue about life's challenges and how to live our Orthodox Christian Faith in the world today.


Contact Parish Priest via Church office: (615) 333-1047,

For Inquirers:

Inquirers meet with Father to discuss and learn about the Orthodox Christian Faith. Classes are held Wednesday Evenings at 7:30 PM. There are two semesters of classes, one in the Fall and one in the Winter/Spring. Please contact the Parish Priest for more information at:

Church School


Our catechetical education program for youth 3 years until 12th Grade. Classes are grouped together based on age. The purpose is to learn our Holy Orthodox Christian Faith and Traditions.


Contact: Bethany Darsinos


Greek School

To learn how to speak, write and read the modern (demotic) Greek Language. Greek School meets once a week.


Director: Maryanna Graves